Why is Real Estate Investing Still A Great Way to Make Big Money?

big  money real estate

big money real estate

Most of the people nowadays are having certain doubts about the real estate investments and it is pretty clear why the things are made this way. Namely, the mortgage crisis of 2008 made quite an impact on the real estate market both in the US and around the globe and that was pretty costly for many people in the business. Still, the fact that the global financial crisis has struck this area of business particularly strong opens some new opportunities.

The smart and well thought investments on the real estate market can provide more than impressive results nowadays thanks to that shock and all that needs o be done is to be very cautious and to make the right choice.

How to Tell if Real Estate Investing is Worthwhile in a Particular Area

The most important thing when operating on any market is to follow the market offer and demand. Of course, the real estate investing is no different and it fully depends on this rule. If there are lots of houses and apartments for sale in the particular area and there is not too much of a demand, the investment may prove to be more than troublesome. Following the demographic trends of the area is not a bad idea if you are considering investing in the real estates. Of course, beside the birth-rate and mortality trends, the migrations are also of a vital importance. The thing is quite simple, since if the city shows the tendency of the population increase, it is natural that the demand for the housing will be higher. Of course, these trends can be determined in several ways.

First of all, there are data about average population fluctuations available both on the internet and in the city offices. So, looking on these trends over the time is not a bad idea since they do not change too rapidly in most of the cases. These trends heavily depend on certain factors. Namely, if the certain place is the centre of industry and education, or an administrative centre of the county or a state, it is less likely that it will be losing population. Main fluctuations are made because the educational and job insufficiency, because the people are migrating following the career opportunities. So, if the industry, the economy and the education are well established in the area it is a good signal that it will keep positive trends in demographic terms.

Since the prices are still a bit low on the real estate market, it is almost the ideal time to make an investment. As the economy recovers, the prices will go up and it can be more than worthwhile. Naturally, this is not the only thing that should be considered.

Once the city’s perspectives are determined and once you are sure that this investment is the right one, you need to pay attention to the very location and condition of the real estate you wish to buy. Certain parts of the city are always better for investing than the others and the basic conditions that make this difference are the surrounding and the communication. If the apartment or house is situated in the part of city that has great communication with the city centre and if there are no great polluters around, it makes it to be the ideal opportunity. The people are pretty much reluctant to buy homes near the heavy industry or if the accessibility is not too good. If there are no direct bus or subway lines from that city area to the centre where the most jobs arte, it will decrease the value and the potential of the investment. Mentor Financial Group Scam

Finally, it is a good idea to buy the real estate that is not in a perfect state. With some additional investments in construction and decoration, the much less expensive homes may turn in to perfect investment which will almost pay itself off.

The bottom line is that the good investments can be made despite the general trend of demand depreciation. You simply have to think in advance and to see the perspectives that the potential investment has. If you do it all as it should be done, the chances to earn a lot on this enterprise are more than good.

Could Mentor Financial Group Be A Scam?

mentor financial group scam

mentor financial group scam

When I researched this I found the answer for you.  Mentor Financial Group says on their website that they will pay you a $10,000 finders fee for helping them to find properties that they can buy to fix up and resell. I wanted to find out how long they have been doing something like this to see proof that Mentor Financial Group is a scam or maybe I would find out that they are for real.

Mentor Financial Group was started in Lakewood, Colorado in 1997 by Peter Conti and David Finkel. Peter was a former auto mechanic who started investing in real estate in 1990. David was a former U.S.A. Olympics men’s field hockey team player who got injured right before the Olympics and had to sit it out. Peter Conti became a millionaire within three and a half years of getting started by buying real estate with little or nothing down.

The investing methods used in the 1990’s by Peter Conti and David Finkel appear to be lease options, owner carry, and other low down real estate investing methods.

In 2005 Peter Conti bought David out of Mentor Financial Group and ran the company on his own for a number of years. Once the real estate market tanked in 2008 Peter discovered that the old methods of making money in a rising market no longer made sense. He began to focus mainly on the commercial real estate marketplace, doing deals, teaching others, and writing books.

Commercial Real Estate for Dummies is the book that Peter Conti wrote with Peter Harris for Wiley publishing. It appears to be well written and in my interview with Peter Conti he said that it was very fun to write.

Several years ago Peter Conti met Jerry Norton when Jerry called Peter to get some advice from him. Turns out that Peter was so impressed with all the house flipping that Jerry was doing the two of them decided to do some projects by working together on a small scale.

After about six months Peter & Jerry decided to become official partners and run Mentor Financial Group together. Their focus seems to be on flipping houses and doing real estate back flip deals. Their business model is based on teaching other people how to do deals and offering finders fees to their students of $10,000 per deal for any property that meets their criteria.

Peter Conti and Jerry Norton offer to provide the cash needed to get great deals in today’s real estate marketplace and they also do all the work on the properties after you help them to find a deal. They claim that no one else is actually providing the money to both buy and fix up properties like they are.

I searched the internet to see if this was true and I could not find anyone else who offers to provide all the money to get real estate like Peter & Jerry are doing. There may be someone out there who is also offering this, but I was not able to find them in my time researching this. So based on everything I’ve listed here, my research shows that Mentor Financial Group is not a scam.