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Hi there, this is Jerry Norton

And I want to talk specifically to you about negative reviews you may have seen about me. Perhaps you’ve seen something about me posted online.

Well, I put this video together to be completely transparent with you about this. You see, I got started investing in real estate in 2004 and have been a full-time investor since 2005. A few years ago when I start mentoring, I made a conscious decision to be different then all the other trainers. I decided that I was going to do deals with my students. So I developed finder fee programs. In essence, find me a good deal and I’ll pay you for it.

From Commercial Backflip™, Residential Backflip™, Quick Flip Money Machine™, Power Flipper 3x™ and others, these programs not only train you step by step how to do specific investing strategies all on your own but if you find deals that qualify for what I’m looking for, you can earn a substantial finder’s fee from $8700 to $10,000 or more.

This seemed like a great idea because I was, and still am, actively doing deals. So in the past few years, I’ve created these different finder fee programs even though my friends and advisors said I was crazy for putting myself out there like that.

Now, here’s why everyone thinks I’m crazy for offering finder’s fees. I’m using my money and my very close and personal private investor’s money to buy these deals. They have to be good deals. Not an average deal. Not an ok deal. It has to be a really good deal (you would do the same if it was your money too).

Now, I do my very best to provide the criteria and expectations for what a good deal needs to be to qualify. When someone joins my finder fee program, I give a trial period and a generous refund policy so that someone has plenty of time to make sure they understand the expectations.

So here’s what happens sometimes… Someone comes in the program and submits a deal. My team and I spend time, money, energy and resources to review that deal, just to find out it doesn’t meet our guidelines for a good deal.

Now when this is the case, we try to give a detailed explanation as to why the deal didn’t fit. At this point someone has options. 1). They can learn from it and go back out there and try again, which is what the majority of people do. Or 2), they can get upset at me for not accepting their deal and post something negative online.

By the way, anyone can post anything they want online and it’s there forever. I will admit, I’m not perfect. I do make mistakes but I’ve also done hundreds of deals and am really good at recognizing good deals and can show you how to do the same.

Because of some of the negative reviews online, I’ve thought about completely discontinuing to do finder fee programs and maybe I will stop doing them. The only reason why I haven’t is for those that have done deals and earned finders fees.


Sandra Butler from Philadelphia

Eve Flood, from Arizona having never done a deal before found a deal in Pittsburg

Mark Huffman found a deal in Glen Ellyn near Chicago

Kesean Brown from Florida found a deal in Sammamish, WA

Lauren Hill found a deal in Georgetown, TX

Daniel Granquest found 2 deals in Fountain Hills AZ

And others like Angelito Santos,who did his first 3 deals with us and now does deals successfully all on his own.

Now, here’s why I’m sharing this with you. If you’re considering joining one of my finder fee programs, all of them have a trial period. During this time, go through the modules and the guidelines so that you know exactly what is expected of you and understand that you will have to find a good deal that meets my criteria in order for me to buy it and pay you a finder’s fee. At that point, you decide if it’s worth the time and effort.

But please, don’t get mad at me if your deal isn’t approved. You may disagree with me about it not being a good deal. I do make mistakes and I’m not perfect. But I’ve also done hundreds of deals and have learned the hard way how to avoid a lot of mistakes and will do my very best to help you avoid the same mistakes.

This is Doug Kiehn from Seattle WA.

Doug is one of my most successful students. We’ve done several deals together but I’ve rejected twice as many deals as we’ve done and each time, he finds out why, learns from it and goes out and finds another deal.

Look I get it, you have a right to be skeptical. Will it work? Will I make money? Then you see something negative online and get concerned. I get that.

Realize that I’m not going to please everyone. Most successful companies have negative reviews. For example, Apple is one of the best companies in the world and has thousands of negative reviews online and their fair share of unhappy customers. You need to realize that there is no way for me not to have some people unhappy when I’m offering to pay finders fees for deals. It just comes with the territory.

One final thought. In all my programs, I not only provide practical and extensive training and show you everything you need to do to go out there and do deals all on your own but in some programs, I even provide the funding to do the deals yourself and keep all the profits. And as far as deals you bring me for a finder’s fee, I realize that occasionally you may get a good deal that just doesn’t fit my criteria. In those cases, we also help you wholesale your deals to other investors, which can be just as profitable or even more profitable then getting a finder’s fee from me.

My goal is to provide you the support you need to be successful. If you’re in any of my programs and need help, remember to get on a coaching call to talk to one of my expert coaches, or you can submit a ticket at clientsupportnow.com or you can call 800-952-9585.

In closing here, I just want to wish you all the success and below this video is a “quick check deal guide” for one of my finder programs as well as a free gift for you.

Thank you,

Jerry Norton

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